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Centrix Vascular serves a nationwide Cardiovascular client portfolio providing complete business services from billing and collecting to practice management and marketing. The founders have extensive experience in revenue cycle management, practice consulting and surgical suite growth strategy. This experience inspired the creation of the company Centrix Vascular is today. A company whose clients thrive in today’s difficult environment. 

Implementing processes to benefit your practice can be time sensitive and we are experienced in fast paced development and installation. 

Led by experience and results.

Advisory Board

Centrix Vascular has selected key individuals knowledgable both in cardiovascular industry and entrepreneurial growth to sit on our advisory board. Comprised of entrepreneurial experts, financial wizards, vascular surgeons, and marketing directors, Centrix Vascular combined has a total over 80 years of experience in the medical pratice field. 

How It Works

Game Plan For Success


Practice Audit

Centrix will perform a complimentary audit of your practice, your competitors, and your market. Our detailed analysis will help determine what you need to grow. 


Reach Maximum Potential

Centrix implements streamlined processes such as billing & collecting, staffing, and marketing, in order for our client’s to run efficiently, effectively, and to maximize revenue.


Growth Strategy

Utilizing the increased revenue, Centrix provides our clients with realistic growth strategies, from securing financing, OBL/ASC development, to practice expansion.


Subsidize Your Goals

We optimize resources to build clients a foundation that is able to subsidize marketing plans, auxiliary ventures, retirement, community involvement, exit strategy, and passion projects.

Our Mission

Build your own dreams or someone else will hire you to build theirs.

The merging of practices into groups, super groups, and publicly traded businesses is upon us. The time to build your dream practice is now! Our mission is to help you build that dream. We offer integrated and al la carte solutions to provide our clients with scalable business processes that establish a foundation for a successful practice.

Success speaks for itself!

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