Vascular Surgeon Business Solutions Business Solutions
For Vascular Practices.
Centrix Vascular provides complete business services to meet your medical billing
and practice management needs. Whether you're an existing practice or a physician
going out on your own, our proccesses will maximize your cash flow.
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Improve Your Practice
& Business Model
Today's Vascular Practice needs the scale and efficiency of large specialty
groups and national MSO's. Our years of experience enable us to bring
success to your practice usually only seen by the industry's leaders.
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Grow A Successful Practice Healthcare's ever evolving environment demands and rewards expansion.
Centrix Vascular can layout a strategic path for revenue growth while
creating an equitable business with tremendous value at time of sale.
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How We Work

Make Your Practice Successful

Developed and reformed by experience, our system helps us get to know our clients and what solutions they need to make their practice as successful as possible. Every practice is different, and every solution we provide is tailored to meet those demands.



Centrix will perform a complimentary audit of your practice, your competitors, and your market.



Our executives will develop plans & solutions tailored specifically to the needs of you and your practice.




We will review our strategic system designed for your practice to ensure that it aligns with your goals and needs.



With our experience, we can provide a seamless transition to our systems and processes to begin growing your practice and revenue smoothly.

Welcome To Centrix Vascular!

Centrix Vascular is comprised of key individuals knowledgable both in the cardiovascular industry and entrepreneurial growth. Combined, our team has over 80 years of experience in the medical practice field managing a portfolio in excess of $100 million dollars. Our founders have extensive experience in revenue cycle management, practice consulting, surgical suite growth strategy, and so much more. Using our systems can help your company maximize its potential.

  • Optimize Business Processes
  • Expand Practice
  • Increase Revenue

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Vascular Business Revenue Growth
What We Offer

Business Services & Solutions

Centrix Vascular provides a wide range of services and strategies to elevate your practice into a robust business, valued by real equity, prepared for the road ahead.

Vascular Business Optimization Services

Centrix streamlines business processes in order for our client’s practices to function more efficiently and effectively. This enables the practice to spend less time and money on processes to better perform essential functions.

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Vascular Business Growth Strategy and Business Development

With the optimization in place, practices are able to capitalize on the next phase of their venture: practice development. Centrix provides a strategic path for revenue growth while creating an equitable business with tremendous value at time of sale.

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Vascular Practice Management Efficiency

Centrix offers a complete management system that addresses the regular needs of your practice. Our executives understand the day-to-day demands that go into running a vascular practice and will ensure that these demands are met.

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Are you maximizing your profits?

Time is money.

Capitalize On It.
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Centrix Vascular Is Nationwide

We Are Nationwide

With clients and network affiliates in places like LA, NYC, Miami, Dallas, Memphis, Little Rock, San Francisco, and Charleston (to name a few), Centrix Vascular has worked with clients and physicians all over the United States.
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What People Say

Centrix helped our practice enter the OBL space and made us more profitable than we could have ever imagined. Their team guided us every step of the way from build up to staffing. Centrix made a very meticulous process as easy as it could get for myself and my partners. Using their knowledge of the vascular sector combined with business acumen has helped us to establish our practice as the superior vascular group in the area.

Centrix helped us get all of our billing organized and negotiated better contracts from insurance companies. Our AR over 90 days was a complete nightmare. The Centrix team worked very quickly to get the cases resolved as quickly as possible. This really freed up my office staff and alleviated the stress from billing.

Office Manager

Working with Centrix Vascular the past two years has allowed me to elevate my practice rapidly. I've been able to open 4 new locations, two of which have angio suites. The results speak for themselves.
Vascular Surgeon


Our mission

Build your own dreams or someone else will hire you to build theirs. -Farrah Gray

The merging of practices into groups, super groups, and publicly traded businesses is upon us. The time to build your dream practice is now! Our mission is to help you build that dream. We offer integrated solutions to provide our clients with scalable business processes that establish a foundation for a successful practice.

Marketing & Reputation Management
Practice Management
Practice Development & Expansion
Business Optimization